Tim Timmons VR Headset
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Tim Timmons VR Headset


Tim Timmons “Everywhere I Go” 360 Music Video Viewing Instructions:

YouTube Video Link: CLICK HERE

Viewing on mobile phone with virtual reality (VR) headset (requires YouTube app and current software)

  1. On phone, click YouTube video link to view (Must have YouTube app on phone and updated software)
  2. Select VR headset Icon (looks like mask) in bottom right hand corner. This will split screen into two sections for viewing with headset
  3. Place phone in headset
  4. Slide the magnet on the side down once to get the video ready, rotate the goggles around for the play button to show up in the center, and slide the magnet down again to click play (the magnet acts like a mouse)
  5. Watch video in 360 degrees by pointing phone in different directions 360 around, up and down